Thanks To Our Partners & Board of Directors

Special Thanks to Our Partners and Board of Directors who make TMASF Connects possible!

Our Members
The 81 member buildings that participate and fund the association
Dave Stevens, Brent Swan,
Maggie Murry,
and Gregor Morrill
Steven & Stevens
Marketing, Advertising, Web Design
Andrew Weill
Weill & Mazer
Legal Consultation
Cristal Villasenor
Elite Financial Company 
Tax, Accounting, Business Consultation
Centarus Inc.
IT Consultation
Valerie Bryan, LEED AP
Wendy Silvani
Silvani Transportation Company
Gary Freund
CSU East Bay
Andre Guiezac
For a decade of providing real-time traffic reporting
Staff and Commissioners
City and County of San Francisco Planning Department
California Department of Transportation
Our future workforce
San Francisco Unified School District
Michael Dubois
Video Automation Specialist