On the Job

You have put a lot of time and effort into your job search and getting the job. The most effective employee utilizes certain skills to make transitioning into the working world smoother while maintaining balance between work and life. Whether it’s your first job or your second or third career, these tips and tools will help you to reach your full potential.


TMASF Connects offers extensive commute resources – our mission is to help commuters explore their trip options and provide alternatives to driving alone to work. Check out the commute section for tips for getting around the Bay Area and other commuting resources.

Telecommuting and Flextime

Image and Etiquette

The Rules

Managing Success

You’ve Earned It — Now Manage It

Work-Life Balance

Workplace Productivity & Morale


Word of mouth is the most valuable tool you have when looking for a job or looking for your next job: find people who are hiring, find people who know people, get advice, make new friends with people in the same business as you are. Great opportunities come from building relationships. Refer to the links and interest groups below for ways to get started.