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Our goal is to provide a place where business owners find useful links to help keep the wheels of business turning. In this section, we provide a myriad of resources from starting a business to hiring employees and beyond…

Local, State, and Federal Resources


San Francisco wants your business. And the City offers unique opportunities, credits and incentives to attract your business. Below are links to help you learn about “only-in- San Francisco” opportunities for business and how to take advantage of the City’s unique offerings.


Welcome to California. Business leaders in the Golden State need to have a voice, and a roadmap to the issues that affect them – important matters such as health care, workers’ compensation and business taxes. They need to know what and how policies and legislation affect businesses large and small, what products and services are available, all applicable labor laws and much more. Below is a list of helpful links to encourage business in California.


The United States operates some of the world’s largest and most comprehensive websites. Despite this fact, most are relatively easy to navigate. These federal links offer information on almost every aspect of business and are geared toward big business leaders and small business owners alike. Learn about energy issues, agricultural, environmental, defense, science and technology, international trade, taxes, economic and demographic data, financial assistance, business plans, selling to the government and much, much more.

Everything you need on the business continuum – how to start a business, how to grow a business and how to close a business. Information, regulations, and guidelines – it’s all here. The official business link to the US Government Business includes:

Human Resources

Employer Reference Materials

This section covers labor trends and workforce data, and legal and business resources, designed for employer reference.

Labor Information

Business and Legal Resources

Hiring Resources

San Francisco offers a myriad of civic organizations, religious groups and specialized training programs that work together to keep San Francisco’s unique pool of local talent working locally. We’re proud to be part of that effort and to provide a place where job seekers find the map to the perfect job and where business owners find useful links to help keep the wheels of business turning.

Hiring the right people is a crucial step in building a better business. San Francisco offers many social, civic, faith-based government and private agencies/associations dedicated to promoting local talent. Check out the links provided below.

    Human Services Agency of San Francisco
  • Arriba Juntos
    Promoting economic self-sufficiency
  • The Family School
    Promoting self-sufficiency through family support, education, etc.
  • Mission Hiring Hall
    Meeting the immediate and long-term employment needs of SF
  • Goodwill
    Helping businesses fill entry to mid-level positions
  • SF Chamber
    San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • SFCC
    San Francisco Conservation Corps
  • City Build
    Construction industry job training
    San Francisco Parents Association
  • Tech Bridge
    promoting girls excellence in science, technology, and engineering
  • Toolworks
    Cost-free placement services in warehousing, janitorial, etc.
  • Service League
    NorCal Service League- working inside and outside prisons
  • NCOA
    National Council on Aging- employment of our older workers
  • Jobs for Youth
    Job opportunities and training programs for youth
  • CCSF
    Career Connection Job
  • NCN
    National Council of Non-Profits
  • AARP
    Promoting employment opportunities for older workers
  • ASAE
    Association Career HQ

Hiring Graduates

They’ve worked hard, they’ve graduated and now they are ready to work harder for you. If you’re looking for entry-level or specialized jobs, students are a great resource. Below we have listed colleges in the City which allow employers to post jobs on their career sites.

  • CCSF
    City College of San Francisco Career Connection
  • SFSU
    San Francisco State University Career Center
  • USF
    University of San Francisco Career Center
  • UCSF
    University of California, SF Office of Career Development
  • GGU
    Golden Gate University Office of Career Planning
  • CIIS
    California Institute of Integral Studies Career Development Office

Hiring Senior Workers

Hiring Veterans