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Selecting a care option for your infant, child or teen requires work! There are a myriad of options to assess and questions to be asked before placing your loved one in the care of others.

Generally speaking childcare allows kids to be better prepared for success in school and in life. There are two kinds of daycare centers – commercial care centers and out of home care centers. Both can be equally good if they provide a safe, clean place for kids to learn, and a quality staff with the appropriate training. There’s a lot to consider when evaluating childcare centers: safety, values, nutrition, language, personal beliefs. We have identified a few things to look for and a few questions to ask during your visit.

Child Care Professional Resources

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It’s a fact, teens that are engaged in after school activities are also more engaged in school. They tend to perform better academically, have better attitudes about homework, and have higher aspirations for college and life. The teen centers, and community centers, provide adult supervision and offer a great place for kids to socialize with other kids. The links below provide some great options for kids like volunteering, job workshops and computer skills. Find the center that is right for you, depending on your teen’s individual interests. While we think this is a good head start, please know this is not a comprehensive list.

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